Kill La Kill Bundle

What's included:

  • Kill la Kill Manga Vol 1 Gold Foil Hardcover Edition (exclusive)
  • Senketsu Scarf (exclusive)
  • Mako Towel
  • Mitsu Boshi Wristband
  • Guts Button
$ 80.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic Theme Box

This is such a great box. Everything that came in with it was theme based off the manga/anime. The towel is nicely feel and doesn’t have that rough texture. The image of the towel is nice. The cards, pins, coin bag, wristband, key ring and scarf is very well made. The hard cover book is fantastic and I absolutely love everything from this box. Shipment was on time for holiday gift. If your a fan, you will love this box.

N alfa
Content with product

Always been a big fan of the anime so was ecstatic to see that they had merchandise from t he show.
Great products and in phenomenal shape. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is a big fan of kill la kill. Very happy to have purchased this!!

Worth the Wait

I ordered it, but it didn't seem to show up. I contacted support, and they were very nice and helped me. Eventually, my new bundle arrived at it was basically all I wanted from it. The manga's great, the towel is sweet, the scarf is awesome, and I especially like the wristband. I pretty much put it on right away, and I still haven't taken it off hours later. The button... Well, it's a button. Cute, but not worth me freaking out over.

All in all, if you like Kill La Kill, get this bundle, plain and simple.

Johnboy Smith

Everything in it is so cool. I'm glad I got it.