Mystery Mini Bundle

  • One Mystery T-shirts + One Mystery Anime Accessory 
  • The t-shirt is guarantee to be one of Akibento exclusive design t-shirt with new style added! worth $28! 
  • The accessories are guarantee to worth $12 or more! We will provide various choices including Akibento Exclusive Scissor Necklace, Millennium necklace, School Idol Headphone, Death Note Socks, Attack on Titan Scarf, Moon Necklace, Ninja Necklace, Plushes and so much more! 
  • Great value that you do not want to miss out! 
$45.00 $15.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I like mystery surprises, and this is also a great deal! Really recommend anyone looking at this to buy this.

I liked it

I ordered this because I was hoping to get the scissor necklace from kill la kill and I did end up getting it so I liked it

A great choice!

Absolutely perfect for people with trouble deciding. Whatever you get, it's bound to be awesome!

Perfect for new costumers

Since the items are random I was worried about getting a duplicate item from the past few months but i seemed to get lucky there. My package came with the akame shirt, Naruto kuni/shuriken necklace, and some kind of anime socks. Honestly I couldn't be happier, the shirt came from the box before I started subscribing and the necklace is a fun thing to hang in the car. The packaging was just a bag but everything was in perfect conditioning no rips. Overall it was a great buy but for older subscribers I'd be wary of dupes

Loved it!!!!!

I got the bundle free after subscribing to akibento and I really loved the small items that came in it but I wish I had gotten a different shirt because the shirt I received was the teamwork shirt meaning I now have two but I can just give it to a friend still love it either way, thank you!!