Mystery Snack Bundle

1 Mystery T-shirt + 2 Japanese Snacks 
The t-shirt is guarantee to be one of Akibento exclusive design t-shirt (Value $28!) 
  • We hand picked the most delicious Japanese snacks and bundle up for you! The slection include but not limited to: D'asses cookies white chocolate/green tea, Bourbon Greentea /red bean biscuit, Rilakumma cookie sticks, Greentea Papiro, Pikachu Gummy, Langue Pirouettes, KABAYA SAKUSAKU Panda, Gudetama Choco, and much more!!! 
  • Spoil yourself with some yummy snacks and good-looking t-shirt!!!
$35.00 $15.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice box

A nice DRRR!!! t-shirt and 3 interesting snacks.

Super t-shirts and good snacks

When I opened the box I literally screamed when I saw the t-shirts - THEY WERE AWESOME! I ordered two bundles so I got them in one box. Was only suppose to get 6 snacks but got 1 extra, which is awesome. And by the package, it's pretty obvious what snacks they are which is great. I have to wait for tasting tho since my cousin wants to try them with me and he is still underage so he can't order one himself. He really wanted to try the pocky which by luck was indeed in the box. Overall a great box which I definitely would order again just purely for the awesome t-shirts!

Great tasting snacks and awesome shirt!

Absolutely loved everything I got. Great if you want to try some new food, plus receive a cool shirt!

Interesting snacks and a neat shirt

Great if you want to try some new foodstuffs and enjoy geeky T-shirts.

Awesome but more variety!

Well, i bought both the box with the t-shirt and the snack box so that may be why I got 2 of the same snacks in my order, as well as 5 of those corn-stick things. I got 12 snacks and sweets in my order but should only have gotten 10 or so, don't know if it was because their variety was getting smaller because the snack box was getting sold out. All in all, I enjoyed the shirt and the snacks, but the variety of snacks and sweets could be better, at least in my case. Still enjoyed it though.